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How to get a copy of Juvenile Crimes and Social Problems in Japan: A Social Constructionist Approach

For many years, Jun Ayukawa has been interested in Social Constructionism with the understanding that the concept of human rights is constructed and that Social Constructionism has the potential for emancipation or liberation of human beings.

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Jun Ayukawa


Jun Ayukawa is Professor of Criminology and Sociology at the School of Law and Politics, Kwansei Gakuin University. He graduated from the University of Tokyo, Department of Sociology and received his doctorate from the school of Human Sciences at Osaka University.

He has written six books in Japanese. He collected and edited significant books, papers, and materials concerning juvenile crimes, juvenile delinquency and the treatment of juvenile delinquents and offenders before World War II. This research was published in 44 volumes. (Nihon Tosho Center).

His previous books include Introduction to Criminology (Kodansha, translated into Chinese), Juvenile Crime: Has It Really Increased and Brutalized (Heibonsha), Reconsidering Crime Victims and Supports for Them (Showado), Crime and Criminal Policy studied from the Viewpoint of International and Cultural Comparison (Showado).

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